West Port was established in 2O16 by Colin Cheng, Khalifa Abubakar and Shaun Ihejetoh. Garnered from their years within some of the most internationally renowned architecture studios, the partners bring together extensive knowledge and experience in the design and development of the built environment.


As a practice we firmly believe that for architecture to truly improve the quality of our built, social and natural environments it must broaden its audience and do much more to invite and involve all members of society in its activities.

It is our endeavour to develop our service in a direction that allows us to be present, approachable and accessible to as many people as we can. We hold that expending more energy connecting the service of architecture with the great diversity of people it affects can only lead to the creation of more sustainable buildings and places.

An ill-designed built environment is readily detrimental to our well-being, socially divisive, environmentally destructive and economically wasteful, whether we are consciously engaged with it or not. Given the significant influence the shape of our settlements have on the quality of our lives, we will always push for the best designs and work to include more people in place-making.